Bubbles of Beliefs: How Our Thoughts Influence Our Reality Through the Law of Attraction

Our beliefs are like thought bubbles of energy that float off into the ether, attracting to ourselves those positive and negative forces that create the small and big events of our lives.  At least, that is what I've come to consider as a truth, even though I have my moments of doubt about my ability to attract what I want in my life, versus what I absolutely do not wish to see happening in my life.  There are many variables in creation but deep down I've come to the conclusion that we unwittingly create from not only the thoughts and feelings of our conscious mind, but from our energy matrix of sub-conscious beliefs, too.  In fact, it is our sub-conscious mind that sends out messages to the autonomic systems of our bodies more than we could possibly understand in a linear, logical manner.  Our bodies are quite often protected in ways that we cannot fathom, but sometimes the "energetic software program" in our subconscious minds becomes so dysfunctional based on chronic false beliefs, fears and traumas, that our body retains these unprocessed, discordant energies as if they were truth.  And that's when the imbalance occurs.

The bubbles of thought that we create in our moment to moment living are producing current realities that make our future opportunities and oppressions. How we treat ourselves and others from the stance of the present moment is critical to how we create, even though we may be totally unaware of our part in creating our unwanted negative outcomes.

The interesting thing about handwriting analysis is that I can see the subconscious fears and beliefs that the sub-conscious and conscious minds are projecting into the ethers of the universe; your movement of the ink on paper, when studied by a graphologist like me, reveals the inner workings of the author's thoughts and beliefs.  And, if it is true that our thoughts create emotional feelings, and our feelings send out vibrations of accord or discord based on the frequencies of those thoughts, it serves to reason that memories and thoughts that come from a place of sadness, grief, anger, fear, and greed cannot attract people and events that resonate with the vibrations of love, joy, peace, awe, and well-being.  To explain, there is not enough alignment between the two polar opposites of thought and feeling and the individual is left with this push-pull sensation of frustration and disempowerment about the fact that their desires are never met within their 3 dimensional reality despite all of their repetition of affirmations and wishes.

So, the next time you get yourself into a funk and find yourself sinking into negative thinking, picture your thoughts floating around you like bubbles and how their low vibrational content may be pulling negative situations and events to you like a magnet.  Catch yourself and search for the next best thought you can possibly create to lift you out of the low frequency so that you will raise your vibration, thereby raising your life experiences.

Act as a young child might be, gladly skipping and reaching for the highest feeling in the moment- a playful thought that will generate pure joy and spontaneous contentment.
We all have baggage, the "stuff" that we carry around with us in the hopes that someday our outdated clothes, or books or shoes will come back into style.  Have you ever looked in your closet and thought, "I don't wear 1/4 of these clothes on a daily basis!"  I know I've been subject to that kind of thought, and it makes me wonder why I walk away from the closet as if some faeries are going to arrive at night and sort my closet for me and save me from my accumulated stuff.  Well, I suppose that is the way our bodies are when we literally and figuratively get 'clogged' with negative experiences, thoughts, and beliefs that further confirm our inadequacies in the world.  Suppressed emotional feelings and beliefs are the true root of feelings of being overburdened and stressed and exhausted in our lives.  If we only just allowed ourselves to literally feel the emotion of sadness, grief, loss, sorrow, anger - even rage - I imagine that many of us would avoid the chronic symptoms of back and neck pain, shoulder pain, leg and knee and hip pain, dizziness and fatigue, etc.

The mind-body connection is quite profound, and as the handwriting healer, I can see literally in your handwritten words those fears and false, self-diminishing beliefs that block the essence of your truth, the part of you who says,"I am wonderful!"  Wouldn't it be great if we recognized our magnificence as we awakened each and every day we have here on Mother Earth?  Wouldn't that be such a relief to not be criticizing yourself and/or others who don't meet up to high expectations?  I for one have been guilty for remaining stuck in the incessant thinking about what I did wrong in my life; the questions about how I could have been a better person, how I could have been more successful and how I should have made different choices, do nothing to support the authentic aspect of me who is doing her best, despite the challenges experienced.

If I were to go up to the persons waiting for their train at any local depot, all staring ahead with their baggage carriers and suitcases, would they release their 'things' for a hefty price tag if I asked, or would they smile and say that they love what they have, and are feeling completely content with their lives?  It might be the human condition after all, but my theory is that we would rather stay with the issues that at least we have learned about and become accustomed to over time, even if we do not like their presence.  There is something about uncertainty and the fear of change that causes us humans to abhor change, even if it's for the better in the long run.

What if you were willing to change your beliefs in favor a new, positive and enthusiastic beliefs that bring excitement, love and spontaneity into your life?  Would you do it?  What if you could clear all of the gremlins of the ego from your energy field that tell you you are not good enough and should not even try to succeed with your latest idea for a business?  What if you could tap into the strongest part of you that tells your self-limiting beliefs with confidence to "take a hike!" allowing you to move forward with joy and anticipation of better days!  With EFT Tapping, I believe that the old, stuck emotional thought patterns that represent previous failures, fears and restrictive experiences can be unclogged and let go for good.  In their place, you can conduct EFT Tapping to re-program into your energetic bio-field or matrix, the new positive dreams you have for your future whereby you feel abundant, relaxed and authentic in your relationships, your finances and your career.

It doesn't mean that you forget what happened to you when you lost that well-paying and rewarding job, or that great date, but EFT Tapping provides a tool for neutralizing the emotional charge attached to the memory that serves to keep you stuck in helplessness and lack of confidence and even despair.  In fact, I have a theory as an energy healer that the trapped emotions that your sub-conscious mind has repressed (in order to protect you) create an "emotional smudge" in your bio-field (or auric field) that contains the unprocessed discordant energies from the traumatic event.  This "smudge" only serves to recycle you deeper into emotional and behavioral dysfunction, pain, and perhaps disease.  It's like a ball of dust that settles into the corners of your psyche, taking up room and not doing much of anything to help your cause.  EFT Tapping is the vacuum cleaner that removes all of those dust bunnies of pain that cover up and clog your best self and therefore, your happiest life.

So let's get the EFT Tapping vacuum out and start clearing away the dirt and dust of lost dreams, sad memories and depressing emotions! You'll feel so relieved to be clear again, charting new directions with optimism and cheer, and yes, so much less baggage!